Genital Autonomy


Genital Autonomy America (GA America) is an educational and advocacy organization working to promote the rights of all infants and children to bodily integrity and genital autonomy without regard to sex, gender, culture, or religion.


Our Vision

A future that recognizes, respects, and advocates for the birthright of all infants and children—female, intersex, and male—to keep their bodies intact.


Our Mission

1. To promote and preserve the health and wellbeing of all infants and children by educating and advocating to protect them from genital cutting and other violations of their sexual characteristics and development.


2. To promote the rights of all infants and children to bodily integrity and protection from harmful traditiional practices by advancing public and professional awareness of the human rights of children and to encourage others to advocate for those same rights. 



The Nuremberg trials following World War II exposed medical atrocities that led to the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which contributed to our current understanding of the fundamental right of every person to bodily integrity.


Worldwide, harmful cultural practices involving circumcision, genital surgeries, and other modifications of sex characteristics routinely violate the bodily integrity and genital autonomy rights of infants and children.


In the USA, the largest affected populations, in order of incidence, are male, intersex, and female children. This is not an issue of competitive suffering; the children's screams are genderless and deaths from genital cutting occur to male, female, and intersex children. The consequences of the pain and trauma last a lifetime.


Cultural conditioning, social expectations, religious affiliation, and parental preference do not take priority over the rights of the child.


The person who must live with the consequences of non-therapeutic genital cutting or other modifications of sex characteristics is the only person with the right to consent and that consent cannot be given until the age of majority (usually 18 years).  


We invite you to consider the personal experiences of those who were subjected to these childhood violations, and to join us in advocating for the rights of vulnerable children.


Flyer for May 7th: Cologne Ruling's 5th Birthday

May 7, 2018

San Francisco
The Ferry Building
Market Street & The Embarcadero
Demonstration – 10am - 1pm

Join symposium participants, including members of
Genital Autonomy America, Intact America,
Bay Area Intactivists, and more for our 
third WWDOGA demonstration.

In remembrance of Jonathon Conte,
we will have lunch at the restaurant where
he took us following our 2015 demonstration and
where we honored him again 2016.

Thank you for donating.