Genital Autonomy

Genital Autonomy America

2014 Symposium Papers Presented in Boulder, Colorado

  • Anderson, Scot, BSc, HIV Risk and Circumcision in Developed Countries

  • Antinuk, Kira, RN, Professional leadership Strategies and Barriers in Canada

  • Bauer, Markus, Legislation to End Intersex Genital Mutilation: A Social Movement Whose Time Has Come?

  • Bernaerts, Jonathan, BA, MA, The Cologne Judgment: A Curiosity or the Sart Sign for Condemning Circumcision of Male Children Without their Consent as a Human Rights Violation?

  • Boyle, Gregory J., PhD, Circumcision of Infants and Children: Short-term Trauma and Long-term Psychosexual Harm

  • Chapin, Georganne, JD, Whose Political Correctness? Changing Language, Viewpoints, and Tactics in Today's Intactivist Movement

  • Collonge, Chelsea, MA, Altered Hearts: Circumcision and Christian Responsibility

  • Dunn, Leonid Walter, MNS, The Danger of Harmful Traditional Practices: The Case of Liberia

  • Earp, Brian D, MS, Does Science Support Infant Circumcision?

  • Geisheker, John V., JD, Premature, Forcible Foreskin Retraction

  • Goldman, Ronald, PhD, The Psychology of Circumcision Communication and Social Change

  • Moss, Lisa Braver, BA Non-circumcising Families in the Jewish Community

  • Sadeh, Eran, An Intact Penis is Better: Intactivism in Israel

  • Schwartzman, Richard, DO, Unconscious cruelty: Exploring the Emotions Behind Genital Cutting

  • Svoboda, J. Steven, JD The Cutting Edge: Making Sense of European Legal Developments Amidst Growing Recognition of Children’s Legal, Ethical, and Human Rights to Bodily Integrity

  • Van Howe, Robert S, MD, Math is Your Friend

  • Van Howe, Robert S, MD, Human Papillomavirus and Circumcision: The Whole Story

  • Winterling, Harrold, Talking about Genital Alterations - Linguistic Aspects