Male and Female Circumcision

Male and Female

Medical, Legal, and Ethical
Considerations in Pediatric Practice

Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Sexual Mutilations:
Medical, Legal, and Ethical Considerations in Pediatric Practice,
Oxford, England, 5-7 August 1998

Edited by
George C. Denniston
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington

Frederick Mansfield Hodges
Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine
University of Oxford
Oxford, England


Marilyn Fayre Milos
National Organization of Circumcision
Information Resource Centers
San Anselmo, California

Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers 1999.
New York, Boston, Dordrecht, London, Moscow
(ISBN: 0-306-46131-5)



Section 1. Keynote Address

  1. Evolutionary Cultural Ethics and Circumcision of Children
    -- N. Toubia

    Section 2. The Anatomy, Physiology, and Histology of the Human Prepuce

  2. Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Penis
    -- S. Scott

  3. Anatomy and Histology of the Penile and Clitoral Prepuce in Primates: Evolutionary Perspective of Specialized Sensory Tissue of the External Genitalia
    -- C. J. Cold and K. A. McGrath

  4. Significance and Function of Preputial Langerhans Cells
    -- G. L. Williams

    Section 3. Current Research on Circumcision and Phimosis

  5. The History of Phimosis from Antiquity to the Present
    -- F. M. Hodges

  6. Diagnosis and Treatment of Phimosis
    -- S. C. Donnell

  7. Anaesthesia for Circumcision: A Review of the Literature
    -- R. S. Van Howe

  8. Neonatal Circumcision and HIV Infection
    -- R. S. Van Howe

    Section 4. Genital Mutilation: Religious and Cultural Considerations

  9. Muslims' Genitalia in the Hands of the Clergy: Religious Arguments about Male and Femle Circumcision
    -- S. A. Aldeeb Abu- Sahlich

  10. Evangelical Christianity and Its Relation to Infant Male Circumcision
    -- J. D. Bigelow

  11. A Jewish Perspective on Circumcision
    -- J. Goodman

  12. Circumcision: An African Point of View
    -- G. B. Tangwa

  13. Unifying Language: Religious and Cultural Considerations
    -- J. P. Baker

    Section 5. Psychological Aspects of Genital Mutilation

  14. Motivations for Medifications of the Human Body
    -- G. Zwang

  15. Psychoanalysis of Circumcision
    -- M. Tractenberg

  16. Post Trumatic Stress Disorder After Genital Medical Procedures
    -- J. Menage

  17. Tyranny of the Victims: An Analysis of Circumcision Advocacy
    -- G. C. Denniston

  18. Epidemiological, Medical, Legal, and Psychological Aspects of Mutilated/At-Risk Girls in Italy: A Bioethical Focus
    -- P. Grassivaro Gallo, L. Araldi, F. Viviani, and R. Gaddini

  19. Circumcision in America in 1998: Attitudes, Beliefs, and Charges of American Physicians
    -- C. R. Fletcher

  20. Facing Circumcision: Eight Physicians Tell Their Stories
    -- B. Katz Sperlich and M. Conant

  21. Neonatal from a Primal Health Research Perspective
    -- M. Odent

  22. Celebrating Phallos: Healing Men and Culture
    -- J. Zoske

    Section 6. Foreskin Restoration: Historical and Contemporary Considerations

  23. The History of Foreskin Restoration
    -- D. Schultheiss

  24. Current Practices in Foreskin Restoration: The State of Affairs in the United States, and Results of a Survey of Restoring Men
    -- R. W. Griffiths

  25. Foreskin Restoration (Circumcision Reversal)
    -- J. P. Warren

  26. The Man Behind Restoration
    -- M. M. Lander

    Section 7. The World-Wide Campaign to End Genital Mutilation

  27. A Comprehensive Approach for Communication about Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt
    -- S. Abd el Salam

  28. The History of Circumcision in the United States: A Physician's Perspective
    -- M. L. Sorrells

  29. Genital Mutilation in Ireland: A Public Health and Human Rights Report
    -- L. Massie

  30. Challenges to Circumcision in Israel: The Israeli Association Against Genital Mutilation
    -- A. Zoossmann-Diskin and R. Blustein

  31. Activism on the World Wide Web: The Role of the Internet in the Dissemination of Circumcision-Related Information
    -- M. M. Sarkis

    Section 8. Current Problems in Medical Publications

  32. Peer-Review Bias Regarding Circumcision in American Medical Publishing: Subverting the Dominant Paradigm
    -- R. S. Van Howe

  33. An Analysis of Bias Regarding Circumcision in American Medical Literature
    -- P. M. Fleiss

  34. Publication on Circumcision in the Medical Literature: The Role of an Editor
    -- H. N. Whitfield

    Section 9. Legal and Ethical Considerations of Genital Mutilation

  35. Circumcision and Virtue Ethics
    -- M. M. Lander

  36. Respect in the Context of Infant Male Circumcisiion: Can Ethics and Law Provide Insights?
    -- M. A. Somerville

  37. Male Non-Therapeutic Circumcision: The Legal and Ethical Issues
    -- C. Price

  38. Attaining International Acknowledgment of Male Genital Mutilation as a Human Rights Violation, and a Written Intervention
    -- J. S. Svoboda

  39. Some Thoughts on Legal Remedies
    -- D. J. Llewellyn

  40. The Doctor as Expert Witness in United States Courts
    -- J. L. Snyder

  41. The Oxford Declaration: A Call for the Prohibition of the Genital Mutilatiion of Children
    -- C. A. Bonner


Appendix 1: Declaration of Genital Integrity

Appendix 2: Circumcision: Information, Misinformation, Disinformation -- E. Wallerstein

Appendix 3: Resources



Male and Female Circumcision: Medical, Legal, and Ethical Considerations in Pediatric Practice
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